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Surprise visit in Cyprus

I can finally reveal the secret I've been keeping with me for the past week: Chris Packham and his crew (independently of any broadcasters) have been with us for the past 4 days, filming CABS, the work we've done and the incredible and little known reality that is illegal bird trapping in Cyprus. I had to keep this a secret because if the word accidentally came out and got the British base, the poachers would have most likely suspended their trapping activity for fear of attracting too much media attention (just as it happened a couple of days ago with the other group of journalists). Thankfully this wasn't the case and Chris and his crew managed to get all the shocking footage needed to make a series of short films on the topic, very much like they did for the Malta massacre a couple of years ago.

Meeting Chris in Cyprus was an extraordinary experience. I can tell you he is as passionate and lovely as he appears to be on TV and he gave us the most amazing speech of encouragement you can imagine. These days, it is no longer enough to care about a subject, if you believe in it you must act, and I couldn't agree more with his words.

For the very keen and the die hard Packham fans, you can watch this internet broadcast he did less than an hour ago. Otherwise rest assured I'll post here updates on his upcoming films on Cyprus

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