This is a good question, and one I ask myself on a daily basis. Without delving into deeper philosophical matters, I am a filmmaker and producer with a keen interest in wildlife, ecology and conservation. I have worked as a runner and assistant researcher for factual TV at the BBC and other indies and I am now freelancing as a camerawoman and editor, as well as running my own film production company (Oropendola Productions). My background is quite unusual as I studied Fine Arts for five years in Italy and completed a BSc and MPhil in Neuroscience in the UK, which means that I can bring a varied set of skills to a production. The jump from painting to dissecting brains to films may seem bizarre, but it actually represents my attempt at merging art and science in one powerful communication tool which uses storytelling to convey its message. Basically, if Leonardo Da Vinci was alive today, he’d be a filmmaker.​



Even though my passion for nature digs its roots deep into my childhood (what kid isn’t fascinated by animals and plants?), my interest for ecology and my desire to work in this field stem from an adult realisation that we, as a species, rely so heavily on ecosystems that we barely understand, even though our livelihood and wellbeing depend so much on them. Every glass of water we drink, every fruit we eat, every breath of air we take is a product of an extremely complex and fascinating ecosystem which we belong to as much as bacteria, plants and animals do. But we all know, you can’t respect what you can’t love and you can’t love what you don’t understand. So learning to appreciate the delicate balance of ecosystems, the ingenious ways in which living organisms adapt to change, and how much our choices and actions are affecting these equilibria is to me the key to any positive shift in our society. I have been charmed so strongly and so deeply by the stories that the natural world has to tell us, I believe you musn't look hard to be swept away by the power and beauty of it: from a patch of grass, to a pot of flowers, to a handful of soil, nature always has an inspiring and compelling story to tell. And I want to help it do so.


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