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Day 5 CABS anti-poaching camp in Cyprus

Day 5 of the anti-poaching camp in Cyprus (after day 4 I was too tired to even put a sentence together). In the last 48 hours I got chased off by a poacher (but I outran him) after removing some of his traps, I filmed another film crew who is here to film CABS (!), I was intimidated by a police officer (yes, the people who should be doing our work and who recommended I leave Cyprus before something bad happens to me) and I have been massively disappointed by a team of journalists who turned up with a story already in mind and who are refusing to do any actual journalism. This was particularly upsetting because, as opposed to the words I write and that very few people will ever read, their news report could potentially reach a massive audience back in Britain. But sadly, they refused to come out in the night with us to see what is going on on British ESBA and instead they interviewed the British police and believed every word they said. Not only that, but they went out in the night accompanied by the police and of course, that specific night there was no sign of trapping. All of the 300+ trapping sites that I've seen constantly active were now silent - no decoys, no nets. So now the journalist is refusing to even acknowledge that there is a wildlife crime problem in Cyprus and we are feeling completely let down and powerless. For the first time as a filmmaker I find myself on the other side of the media and it isn’t a good place to be in when you care about the subject so much. Thankfully, we have another and much better plan in mind... more soon!

Here's a picture of one of the many blackcaps stuck in nets. Terrible sight, but the sky at least was beautiful as always.

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