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Wild Ennerdale


Ennerdale isn't just one of the many lakes in Cumbria, or one of the most tranquil and least touristic ones. In the Ennerdale valley something special is happening: man is stepping back from the intensive management practices that have characterised this land for decades, allowing Nature to take back the reins. Following the principles of rewilding, sheep grazing is being reduced, plantations of conifers are giving way to the return of deciduous trees like rowen and oak, and fell trees are being left on the ground to become food and nesting ground for insects and birds.

When I first heard of the Wild Ennerdale project I was instantly fascinated by it, as any attempt or experiment to step back from intensive land management is something that truly excites me. So when I got the chance to work on a film to promote this enchanted valley, I welcomed it as a chance to express what Ennerdale meant for me. I assisted with the filming, edited the video and wrote the script.


The film was produced by Oropendola Productions for the Wild Ennerdale Partnership, which includes National Trust, Forestry Commission, United Utilities and Natural England.

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