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"Downpour!" is the second science based interactive street game that I have been working on with Oropendola Productions and in partnership with game designers at Playfuel. This year the theme is climate change and flooding.


"The rain hasn't stopped falling in over a week, the rivers are rising and flood barriers are breaching. Players will have one hour to tackle the  devastating flooding crisis in Manchester, in this high-pressure, interactive street game. They will have to collect scientific data and work around tough political controversies in order to push the right policies to reduce the risk of further floods."


"A mysterious outbreak has taken hold of the city and is threatening the whole country. In a high-pressure interactive street game, teams work to identify the nature of a disease and devise an action plan to save the country, before time runs out!"

Outbreak is a role playing, interactive event designed to thrust Science, interpretation and decision making into the hands of players. This was a collaboration between the University of Manchester, PlayFuel and Oropendola Productions. The event took place on 1 day involving 4 locations and over 30 volunteers and professional actors, 5 immersive videos and live recordings.

The event was selected as one of the top 5 things to do at the Manchester Science Festival 2015 and received a fantastic reception.

Image credit: Iris Cartia

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